Children behind bars

The activity in female prisons began 20 years ago in the No. 8 unit and then moved to the unit 33. Visits are conducted internal, there are general meetings with all internal, providing not only spiritual assistance if that contention in staff. During the year baptisms, holy dinner

Once a week but there are general meetings take place daily devotional, and meetings in the halls. Unit 33 is a group of 80 children between 0 and 4 years old, children of internal, that for which biweekly outings are organized at different places like the zoo, the republic of children, squares, CLUE campus farm, meeting biblical Little School. It has been visited by foreigners who have helped with material things like clothes and shoes for both large and for children.

These units require among other things baby clothes, personal hygiene items, Bible study material and teaching of the Word of God and evangelization.

Responsible: Clotilde Maldonado