Vision, Mission, Premise


To assist in the organization of a Prison Ministry in CUBA, similar to OLMOS, in order to:

  1. Preach the gospel,
  2. Establish evangelical churches in prison.
  3. Having Christians pavilions,

Training and internal training, forming them with a servant’s heart, so that upon release are part of the reform and transformation of Cuba for Christ, experiencing a revival.


Collaborate with the Cuban Prison System for support of internal and authorities and contribute to the spiritual education of university students.


We have a Mission Team formed in turn by subcommittees in order to achieve the Vision proposal.


The premises for the next five years are to include the following:

  1. Hold the family of Maikel.
  2. Hold 17 workers who are developing the prison task.
  3. Organize and establish a ministerial office in “La Habana”.
  4. Generate resources for the ministry and prisons.
  5. Establish a social reincesion farm outside the prison.
  6. Prepare and train workers with the vision of bless Cuba.
  7. Provide help to the government.
  8. Strengthen and support the National Prison Chaplaincy