Coffee to the visit of inmates

Family of inmates. Coffee to Visit

In the unit No. 1 of Olmos we develops activities for spiritual and personal containment to the families and friends visiting the inmates in that unit.

Activity in the spiritual consists in giving to know Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives, knowing that with Him their families and needs can be transformed.

Personally are taught and transmitted the basic values of coexistence in society and trying to bridge the gap of inequality.

These visits make up to 20 hours of row to get in to see their acquaintances. The range from visitor are children to seniors.

Every Friday and Saturday night they shared coffee, tea, milk for children, hot water, cake, fried cake, homemade bread, among others. It has also been provided with blankets and shelter to spend the cold.For the development of this task are necessary materials such as coffee, tea, milk, food to share at the time of the task, clothing for all ages, biblical material and evangelization.

Manager: Luis Rodriguez