Something important to know.

The economic reality of the Cuban ministers is very interesting, his salary does not exceed U$S 30 per month and a pair of shoes costs U$S 20 buy candy to their children is a miracle and think of a toy is almost impossible. But serve our God hard believing that one day, everything can change. Maikel, with his wife and daughter hard serve God. He is a young evangelist, prison chaplain and universities authorized by the government, has 10 workers in charge, is Secretary General of the Ministry of National Chaplaincy Evangelism and Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba, is responsible for various welfare programs widows, the elderly, etc. Artist by profession and an extensive curriculum in theological training.

As a congregation we are committed to continue to support financially and Maikel sponsor him in all his family and ministry needs, as we have been doing since 2012.

The same we want to do with 16 workers who financially support monthly.

Each one needs to live decently U$S 100 (one hundred dollars) per month and do not want to miss the blessing of giving. For us it’s an achievable amount and for our brothers, God’s response is to continue the work that God has given them

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We want the whole island is full of love of God and therefore proceeded to the goal, our next goal is the public celebration of Pentecost in June 2015.

in their beloved land.

For many years the Argentines have received and now believe it is time to start giving Argentina and Cuba is an excellent soil for planting.

We have already carried 4 trips. The first was in August 2012, where God surprised us with extraordinary miracles. Which impacted us most was on his way to the province of Las Tunas, where we had a car accident and the pastor who was driving die. At that very moment, we pray for him and God returned his life. Since then we have seen the hand of God on Cuba and accept the challenge of strengthening the vision “Cuba 2020“.