The History

Our pastors John and Mary Zuccarelli were named as pastors in 1985, and since then his service to the city and especially to the neighbourhood Los Hornos, where it is now our church, has been of total dedication and commitment to the vision God has given them.

The Argentina Republic has approximately 40,000,000 inhabitants, of whom 14 million live in the Province of Buenos Aires and this represents one third of the total population

The city of La Plata is the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires with approximately 880,000 people. In this city began two great revivals of Argentina, the first in 1954 from a Bible school that operated in the neighborhood of City Bell. From this place servants of God, full of joy, faith and the Holy Spirit went to the whole country. This site is currently used for a children’s home. The second Revival began in 1984, with Carlos Anacondia and his mass crusades, where about 50,000 people received the Lord.

For 8 consecutive months with rain, heat and cold we were doing wonderful crusades also an extraordinary awakening came with a group of brothers from abroad. We were in the central square of our city (Square Moreno), and decided to raise a fix offering for and paint two hospitals, and while doing this, people began to approach and receive the Lord as their Savior, which was amazing since nobody sang choirs or preached. not even the Bible was read, and we understood from God that when you bless the City, God bless you, so we got inspiration on Market Transformation, which is revolutionizing many cities of the world. Something extraordinary. Glory to God.

We understand for this reason that La Plata, has been called to be a Parent City since it began major revivals of Argentina. we also recall that our ministry in prisons began in a neighborhood of the city of La Plata, Olmos, in the 80s with only 4 inmates who confessed Jesus as Lord and have gone through the same over 35,000 brothers, extending not only our province but also our country and abroad.

We can not ignore that La Plata is a university city, about 130,000 students from across the country and abroad, stay at the city center where most of his faculties are concentrated. Completed their training many of them return to their cities. If they have an encounter with Jesus and receive the spirit the vision, they will work to transform their cities

God is speaking to us at this time, we believe that He wants to bless our city again. God put in our hearts and we believe that Argentina will be transformed and we must begin with our city. God has honored us in the transformation of prisons, but we have done little for the town where we were born and we believe that now is the right time to change it in the Name of Jesus time. The same spirit that we have released in prisons, we want to drop in this wonderful city

We understand that if we want people to change they should change their heart and if we want a city to change, its heart should be changed, the market; government, education and trade, among other things. We need not only that people change, but also the systems in the city of La Plata. We have a team of skilled staff to get to work, Christian leaders, a large group of intercessors and a major project to fill the city with the presence of God and make the spiritual climate change. Then get back the people who the enemy has robbed us for years.

We have already begun work. Our first step was prayer walking. We walked with the brothers of the Congregation for the most important streets of the city, surround the government buildings, the places where decisions are made, on Sunday morning we took a time of prayer in the Plaza Moreno (central Plaza of La Plata) and we completed 7 laps giving drive around the city stating that the Kingdom of God is established in La Plata

Then we decided to show God not only with our witness, but by having meetings in public places. The Bible shows that Jesus was one day in the synagogue and 6 on the street, with the people because Jesus was where the need was. Squares, bars, restaurants, schools, became a good place to seek God, learn of His Word and take the opportunity to share with others what we have.

We visited the shops, we brought a word of God, prayed for traders. Extraordinary things happened because God was glorified and people was bless

The mayor of the city gave us an office in the Dardo Rocha´s Passage (one of the most important municipal buildings) where the Pastoral Council of the city can meet, pray, plan and establish themselves as spiritual authority of the city

We have done recitals in favor of life and against drugs, violence, abortion and the municipality declared the events of municipal interest and even helped us financially. We believe that all these events were marking a path that is opening doors and it is our desire to achieve the purpose for which God has called us.