Young, Adolescents and Pre adolescents

jov-clue logo The little things matter a lot to go! Think big but start small. Dream, plan and believe! Faith is vital in everything we do. Daring, it should be persistent, help and believe in God everything we can ensures good results. Many people spend their life dreaming but never do anything Getting busy makes the difference between an ideal and a dream come true. The Bible says in Job 8: 7 "Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end will be very great" David used only a few stones to beat Goliath. Elijah saw a little cloud like the palm of a hand before the big rain Moses was only a stick to free a people from slavery. Jesus fed the multitude with five loaves and two fish. Do not despise the small beginnings. God can do anything!! He is who He is, not who we are.   Our dream is that the youth of our city, province and nation is conformed to God's heart. The goal is to reach every one of them with the gospel message in the way that everyone can understand and receive so together we can influence the environment in which we live and evolve.   Our desire: View a happy generation with values, with identity, with passion, effort, commitment, loyally, with firm step towards making our earth that with which God dreams.


Transforming our generation.


Our mission is “To be an active part in changing our generation by building participatory spaces that contribute to strengthening education, family, work and spiritual youth and adolescents living our land and the systems in which they are part


Jesus is our center, serving people serve God, People are the priority, Fidelity is the bridge to achieve good results, Commitment and responsibility to our land, Without love nothing makes sense, Respect for others

Our strategy:

Young Commission, adolescents and pre adolescents. Young adolescents and pre adolescents group cells. Work Teams.



a) Social Work: its focus is on three aspects: assistance, providing food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc. Containment: spiritual, emotional and family. Training: providing tools to enable them to develop and grow in the job.

Responsible: Sebastián Urías



b) Public Relations: its focus is directed to an institutional ministry communication with its next public. Internal: Member and partners. External: Government, companies and organizations in general.

Responsible: Enrique Tech. Nicolini.



c) Policy: its focus is aimed at active participation in the membership of different political sectors.

Responsible: Ariel Zuccarelli



d) Finance: Its purpose is twofold internally carry out the financial administration of the organization with all that this entails and externally aims to promote changes in the paradigms of people and organizations that can affect to go after the much desired economic transformation

Responsible: Cra Mara Luciani.

Microcredit Programme:

By agreement with the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation. we carry out this program consists of providing loans to entrepreneurs for their ace characteristics are outside the current financial system, train these entrepreneurs with tools to help them grow their businesses and contain and support them in their growth

Responsible: Ms. Debora Zuccarelli.




e) Praise and Worship: Our primary responsibility is to work for the Lord Jesus let us first minister his person, yet to minister to people attending each service, so that together we can offer our God the most excellent worship.

Responsible: Gaston Puga



f) Dancing :

Responsible: Ayelén Oriolo y Betiana Gonzalez



g) Sports: We are an integrated commission of youth athletes from the congregation and other denominations, including football players. basketball, volleyball. etc. To create programs for youth evangelism and integration.

Responsible: Luis Rodríguez



h) Prayer and Intercession: The people who carry this team can not stop looking at the greatest example we have; our Lord Jesus Christ, who meat interceded for us was and continues doing this until the end of time. that day since we’re together for eternity.

Responsible: Laura Tolosa


i) Health: Composed of health professionals serving people team.

Responsible: Mr. Ramón Leguizamón.


j) Events organization: The purpose is to contribute to the vision of transforming the city and church unity using strategies such as concerts, training sessions, breakfast for leaders, united meetings, etc.

Responsible: Diego Solorzano



k) Evangelism:

 Responsible: Nicolas Reschaid

l) Infrastructure:

Its goal is the care, maintenance, improvement and purchase of furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Responsible: Debora and Leonardo Biffani